BIG NEWS! GROUP CLASSES STARTING IN APRIL!March 22nd, 2014 BIG NEWS!!!! Just in time for summer! Group classes starting first week of April! Contact us for details and to reserve your spot! ---The Celebration...
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Just in time for summer! Group classes starting first week of April! Contact us for details and to reserve your spot!

—The Celebration Team


The 10 Commandments…of WeightLoss


Hey Guys! If you or anyone you know is currently struggling or does not know where to start on their weight-loss journey, please share this with them!

#1 – No More EXCUSES – Just Do It!
Of ALL your past attempts to lose weight, how many times did you truly and totally commit to succeeding? Write this date on your calendar. Make it a big deal. Challenge yourself to not give-in when it becomes difficult; and more importantly, to get right back on track when or if you (occasionally) falter.

#2 – Yes, Reduced-Calorie Eating Sucks! Do It Anyway.
The attitude YOU bring to this plan is EVERYTHING! Don’t complain to others that you “hate” having to eat this way. Instead, speak glowingly and confidently about your weight-loss plan. Perhaps use self-talk positive affirmations. Your body responds to your thoughts, and your thoughts create your reality. Remind yourself that you “love” this new “you”. Remind yourself how great you feel, and how much greater you are becoming.

#3 – “How Many Calories Should You Eat?” (A Guide For the CLUELESS)
Multiply Your “Goal Weight” by 12. This will provide you with a ballpark figure of how many calories you need to consume daily to reach your target weight. For example, if you currently weigh 185 lbs., and are trying to reduce your weight down to a healthier – say – 140 lbs., you would then multiply 140 X 12. The total is 1680 calories daily…pretty simple. When you take-in this many calories you’ll see change almost immediately. One important thing to remember is that you should never go below 1200 calories per day, no matter what the math says.

#4 – Get Tough with the Negative Jerks! ”Support Me”…Or, Take A Hike!
Amidst all the positives, the last thing you need is somebody dragging you down with negative thoughts and comments. It is crucial that the people closest to you; your spouse, friends, co-workers, etc., become a positive and supportive force. Have a heart-to-heart chat with any and all of these people. If they are simply hell-bent on dragging you down; re-think the relationship. Just sayin’

#5 – This Time, Nutritional Density DOES Count.
I know you are used to me saying a “Calorie is a Calorie”, or that you can get just as fat on 3500 calories of apples, as 3500 calories of bacon fat. It’s still true. However, because you only have a limited number of daily-calories to nourish your body adequately, it becomes important that your food selections be from mostly healthy-foods. Plenty of fruit, vegetables, whole-grains, lean cuts of meat, etc. On occasions, when you want to enjoy – say – lasagna with your family, that’s fine. You could then use a portion-control strategy. I wrote a great “Portion Control” post right here on my facebook page Find it. Read it.

#6 – For 3 STRAIGHT DAYS, Write Down Everything You Eat.
Don’t get me wrong – nobody wants to live their life writing down everything they eat, I agree. That said, it is a great success tool for the first week of your new eating, mostly because it makes you conscious of everything you’re putting in your mouth, and you are less likely to grab a nibble of this and just a taste of that if you have to write it down. Do not skip this step, it is such a powerful eating deterrent – you’ll see.

#7 – DO NOT Exceed 500-600 Calories per Meal.
This is important for a couple reasons. First, meals much bigger than this will use up a bigger than necessary amount of your daily calorie allowance. In other words, you don’t want to eat most of your daily allotment of calories in just one meal. Secondly, these smaller-type meals will help keep your blood-sugar stable, therefore helping control excessive blood-sugar fluctuations, which can lead to binging eating.

#8 – DO NOT Wait More than 6 Hours to Eat Your Next Meal.
Again, this has to do with keeping your blood-sugar stabilized and not setting yourself up for binge-eating. Simple, but important, because it is so easy to get caught in the “I’m not going to eat” trap. It ALWAYS Fails!

#9 – Question: Are You Getting Hungry Again Within 3-hours of Eating?
If yes, it may be an emotional-eating issue, i.e., boredom, stress, etc. studies have shown that 75% of the time we reach for something to eat, it’s for reasons other than our body actually needing nourishment. If you do not suspect that emotional eating is the culprit, try eating a higher amount of protein, fat, or fiber as part of your meals. This will help slow the absorption-rate of foods through your digestive-system and into your blood-stream, keeping you fuller, longer.

#10 – DO NOT Exercise Too Much (Say Wut?)
Nothing screws-up a diet more than over-exercising. It will put you in a rundown state which very often leads to lack of motivation, or even binge-eating. There is no need to plod-along on the treadmill 7-days/week for an hour or more, or to attend high impact exercise classes every day, or even multiple times per day. That’s just crazy. I would rather see you doing strength-training 3-times per week. If you do decide to go strictly cardio, such as treadmill, elliptical, power-walking, or even running – limit it to no more than 3 times per week – which is plenty if done correctly. Think of going harder, rather than further. In other words, 20-minutes of interval-type cardio is far superior to constantly attempting to exercise longer. The fat-burning effect is greater with shorter, more intense cardio sessions.

~Steve Gallagher
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