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Since many people begin their “get in-shape” journey by joining a gym, here’s a few things to know upfront. The Big Chain Gyms: Planet Fitness, Retro Fitness, Anytime Fitness ,Gold’s Gym, etc., have taken-over most local gym markets – probably in your town’s too. The good news: Most mega-gyms actually “do” provide you with an incredibly valuable service. Which is, you get tens-of-thousands of square-feet of the latest and best exercise-equipment money can buy, all for approximately $10-$20 per-month. Some gyms even sweeten the deal with free tanning. As long as you realize that in most cases this is where the “cheap-goodies” end – you’ll be in a better position to not be frustrated or waste money on other not-so-good services.
You MUST Realize that Gyms are NOT in business to get you in-shape – Gyms ARE in business to SELL MEMBERSHIPS, Period!” Take my word for it, offering ALL that they do for only 10-bucks makes “up-selling” other services and products a huge priority. You would have to be pretty naive to think that the weekly-meetings that take place in most clubs has anything with helping you become more-fit. Instead, it’s an all-out blitz to train and motivate ALL staff to sell, sell, sell! Increasing-revenue is the ONLY meeting-agenda. To offset those low monthly fees the club is constantly brainstorming to create “additional revenue-streams.” i.e. Personal Training, Supplements, Body-Composition Testing, Etc. Most of these services and products fall somewhere between “not-worth-the-money” and “a complete-rip-off”. Are there exception? Yes. Personal Training can “sometimes” be a good value. However, when “unqualified” bobble-headed Barbie the Desk Clerk is taking-on clients for extra spending money, and the gym allows it, could there be a BIGGER rip-off! (The “Bad ones” give ALL Trainers a bad name.)
Let’s be fair and logical; You’re paying $10-$20 per-month for a membership to a high-volume Mega-Gym Chain. It simply does not fit this particular business-model to offer enough floor-staff to cater to your every need (i.e. questions, advice, a “spot”, etc.). Also, the Front-Desk Staff are – more than likely – under 20 years-old and often more concerned with texting, talking on the phone, goofing with other staff, or anything other-than a career as a Desk-Clerk Attendant. I guess you get-what-you-pay-for.
“Free” is usually a marketing-strategy used by clubs to get a figurative foot-in-the-door to SELL you something. The freebie that you really should consider is the “Free Introductory Session” with a Personal Trainer. Because the club or Trainer is hoping to turn the Introductory Session into a “sale” (i.e. Personal Training Sessions for a fee), you can usually count on the Trainer to be very attentive as they attempt to “sell themselves.” Therefore, it is a great opportunity to pick-their-brain, ask them questions, get equipment demonstrations, etc. You really can turn this into a very informative session of great “tips” and exercise advice. After the introductory-session, the Personal Trainer will ask you to sign-up for paid-sessions. From there you can decide if you could benefit from their services.
Is it a convenient distance from work or home? It’s much more likely that you’ll “skip-the-gym” if it’s out-of-the-way to get to. Low membership-fees don’t matter much, if you aren’t likely to go regularly.( The Big Chain Gyms LOVE These People!)
It is generally more comfortable to be among group of people more “like ourselves” than not. Although it’s easy to think it doesn’t matter – it does.
Although NOT always true, you can usually get a more “welcomed” experience from a smaller local-gym. The reason is that the manager is usually the “Owner”. He or she may make customer service a higher priority than a lesser-vested revolving door Manager of a big-chain gym. Philly and Surrounding area Friends, I suggest checking out Main Line Health & Fitness. 5 Star Facility- 5 Star Staff!
Note: These statements are “generally” true. However, there are ALWAYS exceptions. Keep my guidelines in-mind, but use your OWN good judgment to make the best choice for “you”. I am NOT hating on Big Chain Gyms. I am just reporting what I have witnessed being around the gym industry for over ten years & working at the bigger chain gyms.

Steve Gallagher
Celebration Fitness

The 16 Week Transformation is Coming!


Celebration Fitness presents: “Steve Gallagher’s 16 Week Transformation”

     The 16 Week Transformation is a 16-week program that will completely change the way you look and feel. Celebration Fitness Owner Steve Gallagher brings this highly successful program to the Philadelphia area. By using state of the art fitness equipment, Steve will provide full body one on one personal training sessions in only 30 min. once a week! Yes, you read that right! 30 min once a week. Too good to be true?  Let us explain how we do it:

X- Force is the most meaningful advance in strength training in the last 30 years. A patented “tilting” weight stack allows for a 40% heavier resistance on the “negative” (lowering) part of the exercise. This heavier negative resistance allows for a greater intensity of effort through a higher quality of resistance. Gain better strength in less time! Results that previously required several workouts a week can now be stimulated in ONE workout a week or even less! For EVERYONE!

Applying the full potential of the X-Force operating principle reveals several benefits. For example, research shows that a properly trained muscle takes from 48 to 92 hours to recuperate and be ready for another workout. The stronger you are and the more intense your workout is, the greater the need for rest. Our predictions indicate that a highly motivated person will require a rest period of ten days in order to recover completely. The case for X-Force is strengthened 1) by the fact that training with this system also helps regenerate passive tissues (bone, cartilage, ligaments and tendons) and 2) by the way it accelerates recovery from injuries.

This program has been tested throughout the world and most recently in Gainesville, Florida using our X-Force equipment! Here are some of the results:

Tested and proven effective in 2012 with more than 145 subjects at Gainesville (Florida) Health & Fitness – the only other facility in the United States that has X-Force equipment – This program progresses far into the future of remarkable body transformations.

After keeping meticulous records, and here’s what some of the data show:

  • Of 44 men and women in one test group, seven participants lost 30 pounds in 30 days, four lost 50 pounds in 50 days, two lost 60 pounds in 60 days, and one lost a whopping 80 pounds of fat in 80 days.
  • Four of the overweight women lost an average of 40.7 pounds of fat over 12 weeks, while reducing the size of their waists by an average of 8 inches.
  • The 20 men in this same group, over 12 weeks, lost an average of almost 9 inches off their waists, while packing on an average of 9.94 pounds of new muscle.
  • Do for yourself what these people have achieved: (Photos at end of article, Christie’s B&A with caption) Christie Williams, 30, reshaped her body in 18 weeks.
  • Herb’s B&A with caption:
  • Herb Jones, 42, eliminated his protruding belly and packed on major muscle in 12 weeks.
  • Ashley’s B&A with caption:
  • Ashley Meisner, 22, sharpened her curves in 12 weeks, thanks to the negative-accentuated workouts.

The 16 Week Program will be accepting 30 motivated individuals who are looking at not only changing the way they look and feel but also their lifestyle. I have been around this business for the past 11 years, personal training for past 5 years, I’ve been able to work and learn from some of the top names in the industry and everybody agrees, this program is the real deal! It won’t be easy, but if you give us 110% 30 min a week and follow our eating program we lay out for you. “YOU WILL SUCCEED!” Said Gallagher, I am excited about this program and this opportunity. This program has been successful all around the world so now to be able to bring it right here to Philadelphia and surrounding area means a lot! Gallagher a Delaware County native born and raised is accepting only 30 trainees for this program so that he can provide everyone with as much individual attention as they need.

If you are interested in being one of the 30 trainees please send in your interest to!

Sessions will start Monday Jan 5,2015 and will last until Monday April 27th 2015 at Main Line Health & Fitness in Bryn Mawr Pa!

For more information please call Celebration Fitness at 610-937-9445

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